Ylang Filipina
Essential Oils

The flower of flowers and the so-called perfume tree, due to its highly fragrant flowers. It is mainly found flourishing in its natural environment in the Philippines which grown perfectly.

Along the green stems of this plant grow stalks from which multiple yellow-green flowers bloom. These flowers dangle from the stalks and are highly fragrant.

A penetrating but evanescent perfume is distilled from its flowers. An authentic scent which differs from the others.

Ylang Filipina, is distinctively and has a characteristic floral in nature as well as a fresh jasmine-like facet.

Naturally watered from the springs of the river, with the perfectly breeze of air of the neighboring sea giving a unique flowery and rich scent which is very much loved by perfumers.

Harvested by indigenous people of Zambales. Very picky flower of flowers, the Ylang Filipina is picked before sunrise. Its delicacy allows it to be used only if picked up on the same day, and only the finest quality is sent to distillation.

The Ylang is one of the most prized by perfumers, and especially its absolute, more complex than its essence. Even the popular perfume - Chanel No.5 uses Ylang-ylang essential oil as its top note!

For aromatherapy gives not just a great scent but also have a huge soothing mental tension effect. It can help in negative emotions like stress, depression, anxiety or panic and boost up self-esteem effectively.

Two of the main chemical constituents of Ylang- Ylang essential oil are caryophyllene and germacrene. These two chemical components are part of the sesquiterpenes group. Ylang Ylang’s unique chemistry and scent promote soothing feelings when used aromatically.

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Highest standardsof quality and consistency

Purity and potency are vital elements in quality essential oil and heavily factor into the effectivity of each oil. Because the potency of a plant starts with the plant itself, it is crucial for plants to be grown and harvested in its optimal and sustainable environment. For this reason, Iba Botanicals grows the essential oil trees here in Zambales, employing local communities such as the Aeta indigenous tribe who intimately know the process of growing plants and flower harvesting techniques. They ensure that the plants are maintained properly, and the flowers selectively harvested.

To ensure the purity and consistency of each essential oil batches produced, Iba Botanicals maintains strict standard operating procedures and protocols which guarantees each batch is compliant. Daily testing is performed to determine the purity and density of each essential oil.


Handpicked Flowers

The Beginning

Sorting of flowers

Separate yellow, green, and overripe


Yellow flowers for distillation process

Ylang Tea

Green and Overripe flowers are air dried and packed separately

Essential Oil Extraction

The Beginning

Finished Product

Other Process

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