(Canarium luzonicum)
Essential Oils

Elemi resin, the raw material for elemi essential oil production, is endemic to the Philippines and it is the only place on earth it can be found. It naturally follows that elemi oil, the steam distilled extract of the resin, should also be produced in the Philippines. Despite this, Iba Botanicals is the only producer of export quality and quantity elemi oil in its native lands. The vast majority of elemi oil production occurs outside there Philippines following the export of raw resins which is a sub-optimal supply chain.

In doing so, Iba Botanicals is creating value for Filipino farmers, jobs for local Filipino workers, and uplifting the environment through the teaching of sustainable resin extraction techniques. In doing so, Iba Botanicals hopes that international markets for elemi oil continue to recognize that supply chain practices for elemi oil can and must continue to improve for the benefit of the Philippines environment, community and sustainability of the supply chain.

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Elemi Essential oil

Elemi essential oil is pale yellow in color with a similar fragrance to frankincense. It composition is made up of the chemical component’s elemi, dipentene, limonene, phellandrene, elemicin, terpineol, and other minor constituents.


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