Australia: Partner Producer

Fennel Oil
Foeniculum vulgare

Our partner is the largest fennel oil producer in the world.

Both sweet and low anethol fennel oils available at substantial volumes.

Parsley Herb Oil
Petroselinum crispum

Beautiful parsley herb oil that retains the qualities of fresh cut parsley.
Food grade. Exciting flavor and wellness applications.

Peppermint Oil
Mentha piperita

A premium peppermint variety, considered superior to North American ‘Willamette’ variety. Available in significant volumes and is food-grade quality.

Tea Tree Oil
Melaleuca alternifolia

The only Therapeutic Goods Admin approved tea tree supply that permits pharmaceutical grade use in Europe.

Substantial volumes available.

Lemon Myrtle Oil
Backhousia citriodora

Wild harvested lemon myrtle oil.

In addition, anise myrtle available from plantation resources.

Eucalyptus Globulus Oil
Eucalyptus globulus

Tasmanian Blue Gum, a pure non-rectified Eu. globulus oil.

Plantation resource with dedicated production available.

Kunzea Oil
Kunzea ambigua

A new Australian native, exciting applications for skin care and massage due to anti-inflammatory and cleansing qualities

Only producer of this product.

Southern Rosalina Oil
Melaleuca ericifolia

Nature’s blend of tea tree and lavender, a high linalool cousin of the tea tree bush.

Similar qualities to eucalyptus, though milder.

Boronia Absolute
Boronia megastigma

A perfumer’s secret – Boronia makes fragrance compounds ‘pop’.

Our partner is the only producer in the world of this exciting product.

Tasmanian Native Pepper
Tasmannia lanceolata

Exciting new product, high in ‘polygodial’. Interesting flavor and fragrance applications, a natural preservative, peppermint enhancer, and more.

Cherry Extract
Prunus avium

A flavorless, sugarless extract of the anthocyanin of cherries. 1 gram of this product has the anti-inflammatory benefits of 35 cherries.

Pearl Powder
Pinctada maxima

Comprises 21 amino acids and variety of minerals. Increase both type I collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis. Recognized nutritional and bioavailable Calcium source.